Fish4Ever and Organico are now featured on Wherefrom – the new sustainability review platform, establishing a sustainability score for companies and their products.

About Wherefrom

Based on the estimated score of a company, Wherefrom makes different sustainability approaches comparable. The platform even claims to have “the world’s first sustainability scoring index that can compare any company or product on a single scale”. Moreover, it uses the score to come up with ideas on how to substitute non-sustainable products with sustainable ones. So, the higher a company’s score, the more likely its products will be suggested as sustainable alternatives.

Thus, Wherefrom aims to make our choices of consumption more considerate and, of course, sustainable.

The score Wherefrom generates is based on customer reviews. Just think of Trustpilot and its way of crowdsourcing, but in an ethical and sustainable context.

The overall sustainability score consists of two aspects – the overall brand and the individual products. This means, the company’s brand can be rated based on its impact on the planet, its sustainability report and its social impact. Singular products can be reviewed with regard to their overall sustainability and quality, ingredients, packaging and health. When it comes to the overall score all those individual scores are being considered to create a weighted average.

For every review the customer receives points, which can be used to plant a tree or donate money to charity. So, taking part in the reviewing system not only helps sustainable and ethical companies, like ours, to grow, but also enables individuals to make a concrete contribution to the environment and society.


Fish4Ever and Organico on Wherefrom

Thinking of all these ethical and sustainable aspects Wherefrom tries to combine in its unique sustainability score, we think Fish4Ever and Organico are the perfect brands to be featured on that platform. Our values not only include environmental aspects, e. g. low carbon emission, low plastic content and better than net zero, but also ethical policies like supporting small and local businesses and making sure that workers are paid fairly, and worker’s rights are being respected. After all, our mission is to buy and sell good food that's well made and tasty but also that's good for the planet and fair to the people we work with and who work for us... from farm to fork and from boat to plate!

You can now support us by reviewing our brands and products to raise our score.  Please follow the links to our profiles on Wherefrom, leave a comment and help us to pass on our mission and values.

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