Pasta Sauce

The Organico pasta sauce range captures all the magic of Italian regional cooking. Our double-concentrate ‘heat and serve’ sauce range is thick and rich in taste, with more than 1kg of tomatoes in every jar, we recommend you dilute with between half to a full jar of additional water.
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Sun-dried tomato pesto

Our vegan sun-dried tomato pesto is produced in Liguria, near Genoa, from tomatoes, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, tofu and a blend of pine kernels and cashews for crunch...
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Organico vegan green pesto

Cashews make this vegan pesto really creamy and tasty  A real green pesto as distinguished by its rich green colour, an unctuous texture and fresh appeal.  Vegan Society and Soil...

Organico Tomato & Basil Sauce

UPDATED RECIPE note new potential allergens  This subtle pasta sauce is organic, simple, and a perfect accompaniment for your fresh ingredients.   Select case option to save 5%.  300g  

Olive, Chilli & Garlic Sauce

This sauce is inspired by the Puttanesca of Naples, omitting the anchovies but - bursting with olives, chilli and garlic - this flavoursome sauce is still full of punch.Part of...

Organico Wine & Porcini Sauce

Organico Red Wine & Porcini Pasta Sauce  Taste the woods, valley and mountains of Tuscany with this rich red wine and porcini sauce that is great, both as a pasta...

Organico Veg Bolognese Sauce

Organico Vegetable Bolognese Sauce Our Bolognese is a delicious vegetarian version of this classic ragu from Emilia Romagna It has wheat protein in it so you can use in a...

Organico Pepper & Balsamic Sauce

Organico Red Pepper & Balsamic Pasta Sauce. Our red pepper and balsamic vinegar sauce has a touch of sweetness but a delicious roundness and character. It would be well complemented...

Organico Genovese pesto

Organico Genovese pesto.  Traditional full-flavoured classic Genovese pesto with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Pecorino, cashews and pine nuts. save 5% when you buy a case (of 6) 120g