Spreads and Dips

Our Italian olives, vegetarian spreads and typical oil preserved Mediterranean vegetables are grown on a farm in Puglia by a family of 3 brothers entirely dedicated to organic agriculture. The factory modern and efficient, yet set in the heart of beautiful fields of tomatoes, and peppers, artichokes and olives, garlic and aubergines running to a strict seasonal calendar. Our pesto is made just outside Genoa in Liguria, famed for its fresh basil, by another small family enterprise, raw blended for optimum taste.
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Organico Aubergine Dip

The roasted aubergine spread is our favourite with its very full-on and punchy flavour of the East, the roasting of the aubergines lending a truly rich flavour layering to the whole product. Can stir...

Organico Garlic Dip

Our Italian spread is made from garlic blended with extra virgin olive oil that is grown, picked and packed all on the same farm.   Select case option to save 5%....

Sun-dried tomato pesto

Our vegan sun-dried tomato pesto is produced in Liguria, near Genoa, from tomatoes, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, tofu and a blend of pine kernels and cashews for crunch...
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Organico vegan green pesto

Cashews make this vegan pesto really creamy and tasty  A real green pesto as distinguished by its rich green colour, an unctuous texture and fresh appeal.  Vegan Society and Soil...

Organico Roasted Pepper Dip

Sun-ripened peppers is the base of our pepper spread to which we add cashew nuts for texture and then extra virgin olive oil, onions, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and a little...

Organico Artichoke Dip

Our organic artichoke spread is made using only the finest organic ingredients. Ideal for spreading on bruschetta or just mixing into pasta.  select case option to save 5% 100g 

Organico Genovese pesto

Organico Genovese pesto.  Traditional full-flavoured classic Genovese pesto with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Pecorino, cashews and pine nuts. save 5% when you buy a case (of 6) 120g