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Organico Realfoods
Owned by Founder Charles Redfern, Organico Realfoods is the home of pioneering organic and sustainable food brands Organico, Fish4Ever and Redferns. 

At Organico we buy and sell good food. Good food is food that's well made and tasty but also that's good for the planet and fair to the people we work with and who work for us... from farm to fork and from boat to plate.

We commit to sourcing foods that are planet-positive, that help support and enhance biodiversity and eco-systems, that protect soils and the water supply, that are resilient, not wasteful, not polluting or damaging and where the resources used are endlessly renewable.

We aim to source products from makers, growers and fishers who are themselves dedicated to a higher standard of socially responsible and sustainable practices.

For wild fish, specifically, we will only buy sustainably-fished fish that is caught by local boats using low impact methods with strictly limited by-catch and no damage to the sea floor or wider eco-system.

·         No food waste

·         No air miles

·         Family Business

·         Living wage employer

·         Certified Organic

·         Better than net zero, carbon compensated

·         Certified GM/GE free

At Organico we love good organic food.  We love the sustainable values of nurturing the soil, the land, the planet.  We love people who love what they do and are good at it.  We’ve made it our mission to find some of the very best organic change-makers who transform the ingredients they grow into the products we eat.  That’s our grower-maker philosophy.

Sustainable canned fish you can trust. Thanks to our unique quality charter we can be certain that our products are fished locally, landed fresh, and prepared to the highest quality standards. Working from the whole fish, we add only the finest organic ingredients such as first cold pressed extra virgin oil, organically cultivated seaweed and distinctive flavoursome sauces.

Wholesale Enquiries: Wholesale discounts are available upon request. Please contact us via support@organico.co.uk


We are proud to be members of the Live Frankly Directory. Click the logo above or visit www.livefrankly.co.uk to find out how to make your choices count.  

What our customers say about us: 

"Really delicious wholesome organic products" - Clarissa Lenherr 

"Delicious and meaty tuna. Great in salads, no need to add any sauce as it is soaked in delicious olive oil" - Ehuot

"Having not used jar type sauces in some time I was pleasently surprised with this one - tasty but not chemically like others. Would definitely buy again" - Mama Tea

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