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Organico Realfoods – the company

Majority owned by Founder Charles Redfern, Organico Realfoods is the home of pioneering organic and sustainable food brands  Organico and Fish4Ever. Charles Redfern is the sole director and de jure constitutes the Board. However the company believes in collaborative working practices. We have a permanent ethics committee in place, we have weekly whole team meetings and bi-annual away day company events. We encourage all employees to contribute and engage in general issues of the company.


Charles Redfern and Organico Supplier  


Financial Transparency

UK Company law requires very minimal disclosure for SME’s. Organico Realfoods believes in financial transparency. We have always had more detailed Financial Statements prepared by a firm of accountants.  As the information required to be displayed to the public on Companies House is now so basic, we have decided to provide our Financial Statements for the most recent financial years here below.

Object of the Company

The objects of the Company are to promote the success of the Company; i) for the benefit of its members as a whole and (ii) through it’s business and operations, to have a material positive impact on a) society and b) the environment taken as a whole.


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Mission Statement

At Organico we buy and sell good food. Good food is food that's well made and tasty but also that's good for the planet and fair to the people we work with and who work for us... from farm to fork and from boat to plate We commit to sourcing foods that are planet-positive, that help support and enhance biodiversity and eco-systems, that protect soils and the water supply, that are resilient, not wasteful, not polluting or damaging and where the resources used are endlessly renewable.  We aim to source products from makers, growers and fishers who are themselves dedicated to a higher standard of socially responsible and sustainable practices. For wild fish, specifically, we will only buy sustainably-fished fish that is caught by local boats using low impact methods with strictly limited by-catch and no damage to the sea floor or wider eco-system.


Charles Redfern and Fisher in the Azores Artichoke Farmer



Our founder is the majority shareholder and therefore funder of the company, Charles Redfern. Our suppliers are all smaller businesses, family owned or co-operatives, supporting jobs, agriculture or fishing in their local communities, many of which are disadvantaged. Our products are exclusively certified organic or in the case of fish produced to far more exacting standards than that of the Marine Stewardship Council {which we believe falls well short of best practise sustainability in the marine environment}. Our banking is provided by Triodos Limited UK but the majority of our supplier payments go through a currency account provider called World First. Because of Brexit, we had to set up an EU subsidiary which is based in Brasach am Rhein in Germany on the border with France. We work with a number of NGO’s and other experts in various food ethic forums and on pressure campaigns to support a better food system for everybody.


We support the Slow Food idea that a  consumer should be a “co-producer” and should be engaged in the food stories they shop - in an ideal world! This has also been described as being a citizen, not just a consumer – on in French a “consom’acteur”.  As a company with strong food values we know and understand that we depend entirely on the support of good people.  We are ALWAYS happy to meet our consumer customers at shows or when we do in store-tastings. We will ALWAYS respond to inquiries about the business, specific products or any complaints and we are more than happy to receive comments or advice on what we could do better.

Our Core Values:

Low Food WasteNo Air MilesFamily BusinessLiving wage employerCertified OrganicBetter than net zeroGM FreeRealfoodBio-diversityLow plastic contentLow carbon emission

    Ethical Policies (click image to read): 

    Impact Report Carbon Policy Environmental Policy Organic Certification Financial Statement General Ethical Policy Marketing Policy  Good by Nature Mission Statement 

    For our Anti-Slavery Policy click HERE

    For our Privacy Policy click HERE


    Charity Partners (click to visit): 

    Eden Reforestation Projects

    Ecosystem Restoration Camps

    Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF)

    International Pole and Line Federation (IPNLF)

    Food Talks: 

    Look up major issues in food ethics and look out for our next Food Talk by visiting our Food Talks website HERE

    Food Talks 

    Our Food Talks partners

    Impact Hub   

    Food ethics council


    Charles Redfern at Food Talks Philip Lymbery Food Talks 

    What our customers say about us: 

    "Really delicious wholesome organic products" - Clarissa Lenherr 

    "Delicious and meaty tuna. Great in salads, no need to add any sauce as it is soaked in delicious olive oil" - Ehuot

    "Having not used jar type sauces in some time I was pleasently surprised with this one - tasty but not chemically like others. Would definitely buy again" - Mama Tea

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