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Organico Aubergine Dip

The roasted aubergine spread is our favourite with it's very full-on and punchy flavour of the East, the roasting of the aubergines lending a truly rich flavour layering to the wholeproduct. (140g)

Turmeric & Chia Flatbread

Organico Turmeric & Chia Flatbread: An ideal substitute for bread or crackers, our Organic flatbreads contain no preservatives, dyes, chemical additions or palm oil.  (100g) 

Organico Green Pitted Olives

Organico Green Pitted Olives in brine Pitted green olives with a good bite and no bitterness.  Grown and packed by a family farm in Puglia, Southern Italy – fantastic in...

Organico Artichoke Hearts

Organic Artichoke Hearts In a Herb Marinade  Tender delicate artichoke hearts picked at the end of Spring and preserved in a light herby oil marinade. (190g) 

Organico Tomato & Basil Sauce

This subtle Italian pasta sauce is natural, organic, simple, and a perfect accompaniment for your fresh ingredients.   (340g)

Organico Nerone Black Rice

This organic nerone black rice is grown and packed in Bianzé by the Picco family. Beautifully fragrant and textured it works well in hearty casseroles or with fish and shellfish...

Organico Spiced Green Olives

Spice up your salad bowl with these plump organic olives bathed in a warm spice comprised of cumin, garlic, laurel, paprika and chili pepper.  All of our Olives are natural...

Organico Garlic Dip

Our Italian spread is made from garlic blended with extra virgin olive oil that is grown, picked and packed all on the same farm.   (140g) 

Organico Rosemary Ciappe

The traditional baked Ciappe is the result of an exclusive artisan method and is famed for its tongue shape, unique taste and fragrance. Organic ingredients and the total absence of...

Organico Balsamic Vinegar

A high quality everyday balsamic vinegar from Modena. Modena and the balsamic tradition are said to stretch all the way back to the days of Rome.With an emphasis on excellence...

Organico Basil Pesto

Our vegan pesto is produced in Liguria, near Genoa, from fresh basil, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, tofu and a blend of pine kernels and cashews for crunch and...

Organico Wine & Porcini Sauce

Organico Red Wine & Porcini Pasta Sauce  Taste the woods, valley and mountains of Tuscany with this rich red wine and porcini sauce that is great, both as a pasta...

Organico Grissini Torinesi

Created using a traditional baked process, our Torinesi are produced near Bra, the birth place of the global slow food movement. Recreate the Italian restaurant table with our organic, classic thin...

Artysan Almond Cantuccini

Organic Almond Cantuccini  Hard, crunchy almond infused biscuit that goes perfectly with dessert wine or coffee.  (200g)   

Organico Mixed Pitted Olives

Selection of Green and Black Olives combined with an aromatic herb marinade of basil, oregano, parsley, thyme and rosemary.   All of our Olives are natural and certified Organic. Grown and...

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Organico Sundried Tomatoes in Herb Marinade Our sun-dried tomatoes are an award winning Organico favourite, packing plenty of taste, achieved through our unique organic marinade and by using only good...