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It's Soya Good Soya Fajita strips

Plant-based fajita strips made from soya TVP. Organic and no GM ingredients. The perfect vegetarian alternative to sizzling fajitas.  Hugely versatile, you can easily infuse our soya strips in seasoning...

Organico Carnaroli Rice

Organico speciality rice is grown and packed for us in Biancé in the heart of the century-old rice fields of the Northern Po valley. Carnaroli rice is known as the...

Fine Trapani Unrefined Salt

Fine sea salt from the salt-works of the Trapani nature reserve on the island of Sicily. The salt is collected and packed by hand following traditional methods. It is unrefined...

Organico Veg Bolognese Sauce

Organico Vegetable Bolognese Sauce Our Bolognese is a delicious vegetarian version of this classic ragu from Emilia Romagna It has wheat protein in it so you can use in a...

Organico Nerone Black Rice

GREAT TASTE AWARD WINNER 2023 This organic nerone black rice is grown and packed in Bianzé by the Picco family. Beautifully fragrant and textured it works well in hearty casseroles...

Organico Artichoke Dip

Our organic artichoke spread is made using only the finest organic ingredients. Ideal for spreading on bruschetta or just mixing into pasta.  select case option to save 5% 100g 

Organico Grissini Torinesi

Created using a traditional baked process, our Torinesi are produced near Bra, the birth place of the global slow food movement. Recreate the Italian restaurant table with our organic, classic thin...

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Great Taste Awards Winner 2022  Our organic sun-dried tomatoes are an award winning Organico favourite, packing plenty of taste, achieved through our unique organic marinade and by using only good...

Organico Brown Penne

Organico Wholewheat Penne: Our real Italian pasta is grown as lovingly and intelligently as possible from before the seed is even planted. Made in small batches from 100% hard durum...

Organico Classic Ciappe

The traditional baked Ciappe is the result of an exclusive artisan method and is famed for its tongue shape, unique taste and fragrance. Organic ingredients and the total absence of...

Organico Sesame Grissini

Thick artisan breadsticks made with Italian wheat and extra virgin olive oil and covered in sesame seeds. Select case option to save 5%. (120g)

Organico Pepper & Balsamic Sauce

Organico Red Pepper & Balsamic Pasta Sauce. Our red pepper and balsamic vinegar sauce has a touch of sweetness but a delicious roundness and character. It would be well complemented...

Organico Apple Cider Vinegar

Our Organico Apple Cider vinegar is ideal for dressings, or to be enjoyed in herbal teas or diluted in water.  The presence of the ‘mother’ in vinegars is famed for...
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Organico Casarecce Pasta

Organico Casarecce are twisted pasta tubes  Made from the finest organic raw materials in the historic pasta-making Italian town of Isernia.   Known as a “Paradise on Earth”, Isernia is...

Organico Fusilli Pasta

Made in small batches from 100% hard durum wheat and pure spring water, our pasta is bronze extruded for texture and dried slowly to maintain its nutritional quality and character. ...

Fish4Ever White Tuna in Olive Oil

Fish4Ever White Tuna Fillets in Organic Olive Oil: Our Bonito del Norte white tuna fillet jars offer four delicious thick steaks, surrounded in first cold pressed organic olive oil.   (220g)