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Organico Casarecce Pasta

Organico Casarecce are twisted pasta tubes  Made from the finest organic raw materials in the historic pasta-making Italian town of Isernia.   Known as a “Paradise on Earth”, Isernia is...
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Organico Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organico extra virgin olive oil is a deliciously balanced, clean, fresh and crisp oil with peppery after-notes, made from a selection of Spanish olives including Arbequina and Picual.  Select case option...

Organico Red Rice

Organico speciality rice is grown and packed for us in Biancé in the heart of the century-old rice fields of the Northern Po valley. Organico great tasting Wholegrain Red Rice...

Organico Asparagus Risotto

Our ready-made Asparagus Risotto is produced by the Picco family in the Po valley, directly from the rice that they grow in their traditional Cascina using a secret family bouillon...

Organico vegan green pesto

Cashews make this vegan pesto really creamy and tasty  A real green pesto as distinguished by its rich green colour, an unctuous texture and fresh appeal.  Vegan Society and Soil...

Organico Balsamic Vinegar

A high quality everyday organic oak-aged balsamic vinegar from Modena. Great Taste Awards Winner 2022 Modena and the balsamic tradition are said to stretch all the way back to the days...

Organico Tomato & Basil Sauce

UPDATED RECIPE note new potential allergens  This subtle pasta sauce is organic, simple, and a perfect accompaniment for your fresh ingredients.   Select case option to save 5%.  300g  

It's Soya Good Soya Kebabs

Delicious plant-based kebabs.  Our soya TVP is guaranteed of EU origin, organic, with no GM ingredients, and is a perfect vegan alternative to meaty kebabs. Try serving with pitta bread, shredded...

Organico Capers (Small Jar)

Our Organico capers are a store-cupboard essential, excellent to perk up a variety of dishes, salads and sauces with an intense, slightly wild flavour.We say never run out! Select case...

Organico Roasted Pepper Dip

Sun-ripened peppers is the base of our pepper spread to which we add cashew nuts for texture and then extra virgin olive oil, onions, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and a little...

It's Soya Good Soya Mince

Our soya TVP is guaranteed of EU origin, organic, with no GM ingredients, and is perfect for use in vegetarian meals such as bolognaise, Shepherd’s pie or moussaka.  A great...

Organico Grilled Peppers

We pick these sun-ripened organic peppers, prepare them fresh, grill them and then preserve them in a delicious marinade. Select case option to save 5%. (190g)

Organico Wine & Porcini Sauce

Organico Red Wine & Porcini Pasta Sauce  Taste the woods, valley and mountains of Tuscany with this rich red wine and porcini sauce that is great, both as a pasta...

Organico Wholewheat Fusilli

Our real Italian pasta is grown as lovingly and intelligently as possible from before the seed is even planted. Made in small batches from 100% hard durum wheat and pure...

It's Soya Good Soya Fajita strips

Plant-based fajita strips made from soya TVP. Organic and no GM ingredients. The perfect vegetarian alternative to sizzling fajitas.  Hugely versatile, you can easily infuse our soya strips in seasoning...

Organico Veg Bolognese Sauce

Organico Vegetable Bolognese Sauce Our Bolognese is a delicious vegetarian version of this classic ragu from Emilia Romagna It has wheat protein in it so you can use in a...