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Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s favourite anchovy.  GREAT TASTE AWARD WINNER 2023  Salted for 6 months in hand harvested Trapani sea salt and packed individually into jars with a local organic olive...

Sprats in spring water

OUR BESTSELLER!  Sprats are a very delicate fish, mid-size between an anchovy and a sardine.  Mostly fished in Scotland. More recently due to stock changes and the migration of the species further...

It's Soya Good Soya Fajita strips

Plant-based fajita strips made from soya. Organic and no GM ingredients. The perfect vegetarian alternative to sizzling fajitas.  Hugely versatile, you can easily infuse our soya strips in seasoning of...

Organic Moroccan Couscous

Organic couscous with raisins & cashews. Delicious, light and versatile, couscous is an excellent alternative to rice that can be enjoyed hot or cold. This 100% organic fragrant fusion of...

Organic Prune Juice

Vita Core Farm Juices: Organic Prune Juice 500ml The revolution will be metabolised with our new range of Vita Core Farm Juice Drinks, made with 100% organic ingredients.  Prune juice...