Tuna Melt Bagels

Tuna Melt Bagels
Take a Look at these beautiful Tuna Melt Bagels @in_cucinacon_sofia put together on Instagram. 

All you need for 6 bagels are:  

300 g strong bread flour  
12 g fresh yeast or 4 easy bake 
200 g warm water 
8 g salt 
15 g of good quality olive oil 
Mixed seeds to sprinkle 

1 can of Fish4Ever fair trade Yellowfin Tuna in olive oil
1 avocado
1 splash of Lemon juice
cheddar cheese
cream cheese
black pepper

What to do: 
In the warm water dissolve your salt and yeast and set aside. Weigh the flour in a bowl and add the oil. Combine the water and bring together to a sticky dough. Knead for about 10 min and then place in a container to rest overnight in the fridge for a min of 18 hours. You can also make the recipe the same day, but I really love the flavour after a long rise. The day after, bring the dough to room temperature and shape in small rolls of about 90-93 g each. Use a wooden spoon to give the classic shape of the bagels and let rest for about another hour whilst the oven is heating up.Prepare your water Bath with adding bicarbonate to simmering water and cook the bagels for about 30 seconds until slightly risen. Place on an oven tray and sprinkle with seeds before baking until golden. 

For the filling mix the tuna, mayo and black pepper together. Cut the bagel open and spread some cream cheese on it, before putting the heated tuna mayo mix on top. Sprinkle the spread with some cheddar cheese and wait until melted. Then place avocado slices and a bit of fresh garden cress on top and sprinkle with a splash of lemon juice. 


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Yellowfin Tuna in organic olive oil

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