Sustainable Tuna Spread

For some time now, our French blogger Stéphanie from @lacerisesurlemaillot has been trying to limit her consumption of tuna because it is a fish that is often polluted and is not fished in the most sustainable way.

When she heard of our pole and line caught tuna she was happy to know that we preserve the ocean with our fishing method. So now Stéphanie can use tuna as she likes it best again: in savoury pies, with pasta or as here in a spread AND most importantly in good conscience.

Below you can find the instructions for the amazing spread and dip she prepared with our tuna in organic olive oil.As Stéphanie says herself, that’s a simple, tasty and fresh recipe – perfect for a summer aperitif.


1 can of Fish4Ever Tuna in Organic Olive Oil⠀ 
100 g fresh cheese (Stéphanie used Saint-Môret)
1 bunch of fresh basil
½ tbsp of Espelette pepper


1. Place all ingredients (including olive oil from the tuna) in a bowl and mix it together.

2. Set aside in a cool place until serving and accompany with vegetable sticks (carrots, cucumber…) and a good bread or breadsticks…

Enjoy this delicious tuna spread and dip!  

Products In This Recipes

Skipjack Tuna Steaks in olive oil

Skipjack Tuna Steaks in olive oil

Fish4Ever Azores Tuna Steaks in organic olive oil:  Azores Quality 100% pole and line fished Skipjack Tuna steaks in organic first cold pressed olive oil. Landed fresh and fished locally, this is tuna you can trust.  Fish4Ever is ranked top of the world by Greenpeace with an 89% pass rate and top of the UK by Ethical Consumer, the most independent ethical auditors in the country! Select 'Case' option to save 5%Quality and traceability guaranteed. (160g)  

Classic breadsticks

Organic thick artisan breadsticks made with Italian wheat and extra virgin olive oil following traditional methods. We use organic extra virgin olive oil to give these breadsticks that extra crunch. Ideal with our spread and pestos. (120g)  Box with bag inside. Widely recyclable. 
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