Spinach Pancakes with Aubergine and Grilled Pepper Spread

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@myredcarpetbody put together an easy and very quick recipe for spinach pancakes using our organic grilled peppers. Have a look and try this savoury variation for your next breakfast pancakes. We are convinced you won't be disappointed. 

What you'll need for the pancakes: 
 1 cup of parsley 
 1/2 cup of oats 
 1/2 cup of macadamia milk 
 1/2 tsp of pepper 
 1 tsp of salt 
 1l bowl of spinach stalks and leaves 
Flax seed 
Olive Oil 

What you'll need for the spread: 
1 Aubergine (or alternatively: Organico Roasted Aubergine spread and dip) 
Organico grilled peppers 

What to do: 
First, prepare the dough for the pancakes. Blend the parsley, oats, macadamia milk, salt, pepper and spinach together and leave the mix in the fridge overnight. In the morning, take half of it out, whisk in 3 tbsp of ground flax seed and 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and make your pancakes with that mix. They might turn out quite fragile but they are really fluffy and delicious. 

For the spread use an oven roasted aubergine and simply mix about 1 cup of it with 4 of your Organico grilled peppers and about 2 tsp of the oil from the peppers and a pinch of salt. You can basically just mash these with a fork. Alternatively, you can also use one cup of the Organico Roasted Aubergine spread and mix that with the peppers, oil and salt. 

Put the spread on your spinach pancakes and add some cooked chickpeas, parsley and a generous sprinkle of sumach. 
All done in 10 minutes to enjoy!   

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