Penne Salmone

Penne Salmone
If you love salmon as much as we do, then this recipe is for you. Courtesy of guest blogger Bella of we have a wonderfully colourful, flavoursome and original pasta dish, combining the Fish4Ever salmon with green asparagus and original Organico tomatoes. 

Ingredients (for two): 
1 can of Fish4Ever pink salmon 
6-10 organico sun-dried tomatoes 
400g organico Penne 
Organico extra virgin olive oil 
6 spears of asparagus 
50g grated parmesan 
½ lemon 
1 clove of garlic 
2 tsp. spice mix (for fish) 
Nutmeg (optional) 

Following the instructions on the pasta package, cook the penne until al dente 
Heat up 2 Tbsp. olive oil in a pan and roast the garlic. 
Cut the asparagus into pieces and put into the pan, together with the tomatoes. 
When the pasta is done, mix it into the pan with the vegetables.
Flavour to taste. If you like, add nutmeg.Add the salmon and Parmesan right before serving. 
Mix quickly, add some lemon and serve!


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Wild Pacific Pink Salmon filleted
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