Fried Risotto Balls

Here's an ingenious recipe from our friend over on Instagram @fakeoutkitchen. Enjoy...

These are fried risotto balls but not as you know them! Here I have stuffed (piped) cooled risotto into courgette flowers, then dunked them in a light batter before deep frying.

This is made with @organicorealfoods “Spring risotto” which comes ready mixed with dried veggies and stock. All you need to do is add a touch of wine, water, Parmesan and then stir. It is absolutely packed with flavour which is exactly what you want for arancini (I don’t know if I can even call it this but we are going with it…)

Serve with a fresh tomato salsa, or make it into a more hearty dish by adding mozzarella to the risotto rice and a good serving of chunky tomato sauce. 😋Risotto from @organicorealfoods 

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