Chickpea & Vegetable Green Thai Curry

Wafu Spaghetti
More of an informative serving suggestion than a recipe, this beautiful bowl of complex carbohydrates comes to us courtesy of @fertile.nutrition, a b is Chickpea & Vegetable Green Thai Curry served with wild red rice 🍛 

Here is what they had to say about it: 

"It’s a simple dinner to make as I used a jar of ready made Green Thai sauce.I simply stir-fry all the veg in the wok with some olive oil and add the chickpeas to warm through before adding the sauce and letting it all soften. 

The Organico Wild Red Rice took around 30 mins to cook.Wild Red Rice is rich in minerals particularly selenium and iron. It’s got a high level of antioxidants and some protein and is easily digested.It tastes quite nutty and goes well with curry’s or chilli. 

Complex carbohydrates should form part of any healthy diet, especially if TTC. They release energy slowly, pack in more nutrients than simple carbs, are higher in fibre and digest more slowly.In some instances you may want to cut down on carbohydrates but I never advocate for cutting them out completely. 

Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats are the three main macronutrients everyone needs in their diet.Carbohydrates are the energy source and fuel your body and brain, choosing good quality complex carbohydrates over simple carbs that convert straight to sugar, are the best. 

If you restrict too many carbohydrates then your body will take the energy from protein and fat in the body - both of which are vitally important for fertility."

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Realfoods by Organico organic finest red rice, cultivated by the...
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