Chestnut & Caramelised Clementine Pancakes

An absolutely MOUTHWATERING recipe by Phoebe of @_naturalnourishment for us! 

How delicious do these look??


80g Organico french chestnut purée
2 large organic eggs
2 heaped tablespoons ground almonds
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 clementine
1 tablespoon walnut pieces
Optional: ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon, zest of the clementine


1. Add the eggs, chestnut purée, almonds & baking powder to a food processor with the zest & cinnamon if using, blend until smooth. Stir through the walnut pieces then peel the clementine & slice the segments in half along their length.

2. Heat a good quality non-stick pan on a medium heat, spoon in 2 tablespoons of your batter per pancake, using the back of the spoon to spread into circles. Add a slice of clementine (cut side up) to the centre of each & leave to cook gently for 1-2 minutes until bubbles start to appear on the surface. Carefully flip & cook for a further minute until puffed up & firmish when pressed. Continue with the rest of your batter.

3. To serve arrange on a plate, add your yoghurt, swirl through your chosen nut butter or tahini, remaining clementine pieces & scatter with extra walnuts for a lovely crunch.

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