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Organico Sweet Potato Gnocci

Carefully chosen ingredients are the key to these perfect gnocchi. 100% Italian fresh potatoes are kneaded with hot water, creating a velvety smooth product with a light and soft texture.
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Organico Penne

Our real Italian pasta is grown as lovingly and intelligently as possible from before the seed is even planted. Made in small batches from 100% hard durum wheat and pure...

Organico Essenza Rice

Derived from a combination of a Thai variety and Basmati, our Essenza rice has, as it's name suggests, a delicate fragrance which can be smelled as the stalks ripen in...

Organico Sesame Seed Oil

Our first cold pressed organic sesame oil is perfect for use with macrobiotic foods such as whole grains and fresh vegetables.  (500ml)

Organico Virgin Sunflower Oil

Our organic Sunflower oil, from family owned oil producers in the Provence region of France, draws on 5 generations of oil making expertise to create the perfect sunflower oil, rich...

Lemon and Mint Cous Cous

Delicious, light and versatile, cous cous is an excellent alternative to rice that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Zesty and fresh, this  organic cous cous enriched with lemon and...

Vegetable Cous Cous

A hearty staple, delicious and versatile, cous cous is an excellent alternative to rice that can be enjoyed on its own or try with grilled sausage or sautéed tofu chunks.

Organico Virgin Rapeseed Oil

Our nutritionally valuable organic cold pressed rapeseed oil provides the perfect composition of unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in Omega3.   (500ml)

Organico Capers in brine

Our Organico capers are a store-cupboard essential, excellent to perk up a variety of dishes, salads and sauces with an intense, slightly wild flavour.We say never run out! (250g)