Organico Realfoods Ltd.

Organico Realfoods Ltd. has been supplying 100% natural or organic food for 23 years. We supply to the independent trade in both the UK and major European, natural food and gourmet markets. We manage four of our own brands and represent European and US brands on a sole agency basis.

Our Story

Supplying 100% natural or organic food, to the UK natural foods market for 23 years.
Organico Realfoods is a UK company that was founded in 1992 by Charles Redfern. We started out as an importer of premium soft drinks and have sold Organic lines since 1996. By 1998 we had developed our first own label range, Organico: a selection of organic Mediterranean foods. Three additional own label brands have since been introduced: Fish 4 Ever, sustainable canned fish, in 2001, The Organic Collection, our festive treats brand, and most recently WILD THING: Organic, Gluten-free and Paleo snacks. Since 2012 we have been developing our business outside the UK, and now export to the Major European markets, representing our own brands alongside European brands on a sole agency basis. Since 2014 we have also been representing US brands.

23 Years Experience

23 years in the organic trade has led to a wealth of experience, both in the logistical aspects of the grocery trade, as well as developing many good relationships with suppliers and wholesalers, in the UK and European markets.

Ethical trading and business

Our approach is 100% natural or organic, championing ethical practice in trading and business, within the grocery sector. Striving for a more ethical and balanced food system, we support SME’s and campaigns that increase awareness of food issues and seek sustainable solutions.

Passionate Support

Grocery selling is about the support one can give to brands as well as a huge array of logistic, administrative and support tasks that have to be performed. We are an ideal partner for young committed suppliers outside the EU who have a good product, a lot of passion, but limited resources.
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Our Involvement

We are passionate about the move towards an ethical and balanced food system. Alongside our company ethics, we are actively involved in various talks, debates and campaigns that raise awareness of the issues and the moves towards solutions related to this end.

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